PiCy – The Tiny Raspberry Pi Powered Robot!

Build your own tiny Raspberry Pi based robot out of a few easy to obtain bits!

You will need:

This Instructables will only concern the building of the robot. To learn how to control the robot over bluetooth or Wifi check further the tutorial here.PiCy - The Tiny Raspberry Pi Powered Robot!

Step 1: Solder the wires and battery clip to the PicoBorg

First solder cables and battery connector onto PicoBorg.

Solder the red wires to M1+ and M4+.

Solder the red wire from the battery clip to the V+ hole.

Solder the black wire from the battery clip to the GND hole.

Solder the purple wire to M1-

And finally solder the green wire to the M4-

Give each wire a little tug to check it is connected securely.

Your PicoBorg should look like the third picture in this step.

Step 2: Prepare your case

Next, pop the expansion tab out of the case. With a little force with a screwdriver, it should come off fairly easily.

Step 3: Thread the wires through the case

Thread the wires and battery connector through the expansion tab hole.

Bend the wires away from the black GPIO connector and around the PicoBorg.

Step 4:

Fit the long M4 nylon screws, and secure them with the nylon M4 nuts.

You can optionally also mount your Raspberry Pi to the case using the metal screws that come with the case.PiCy - The Tiny Raspberry Pi Powered Robot! schematic

Step 5: Attach the PicoBorg to the GPIO pins

Carefully line up the holes of the PicoBorg socket with the GPIO expansion header of the Raspberry Pi and push down on the edges of the PicoBorg to fit. Be careful to push from the edges of the board as the soldered pins on the top of the board can be a bit sharp!

Step 6: Snap on the case lid

Snap on the lid!

Step 7: Locate your motors

Without using any of the double sided sticky tape, line up the battery holder and the motors on the back of the case. Make sure there is enough length in the wires to attach to the battery holder and the motors.


For more detail: PiCy – The Tiny Raspberry Pi Powered Robot!

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