PiJuice – A Portable Project Platform For Every Raspberry Pi

PiJuice is the ultimate module for all portable Raspberry Pi projects. Includes many fun maker projects and a solar power version too!

About this project

We Have Lift Off!

Over 450% funded! We’re blown away and so grateful for everyones support! We’re now fired up to develop our great open-source projects and we also have some truly useful additions to add as stretch goals. Please keep backing our campaign so we can make this project even better and keep an eye out for updates about our projects and stretch-goals coming soon!

Stretch Goals!

£60,000 – A Truly useful app to help you easily configure and get the most out of PiJuice through a desktop GUI. Choose when to wake/sleep, customise the signals to the onboard multicoloured LED and more!

More Great Stretch Goals – coming soon!

Portable Project Platform

What is PiJuice?

As one of the smallest systems around there’s so many amazing things you could do with the Raspberry Pi if it was self-powered and portable. With PiJuice we want to provide not only the best portable hardware/software solution, but also a set of inspiring and affordable guided projects for fun, learning, and breaking out the Pi into the real world.

PiJuice Under the Hood

For the past year we’ve toiled and sweated over the technical minutiae of PiJuice so you don’t have to.


  • Onboard 1400 mAh “off the shelf” Lipo battery (with support for larger Lipo Battery up to 5000 mAH+) to last up to 24 hrs + in constant use!
  • Full UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) solution.
  • Integrated RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • On board intelligent on/off switch
  • Low power deep-sleep state with wake on interrupt/calendar event
  • Programmable multi-colored RGB led
  • Full power management API available to Raspberry Pi OS with auto shutdown capability when running low on batteries
  • Raspberry Pi HAT compatible layout, with on board EEPROM for easy plug and play operation
  • Low profile design, to fit inside lots of existing Raspberry Pi cases!

PiJuice makes the Raspberry Pi an independent, stand alone platform. By using intelligent power behaviour, the integrated battery will keep itself topped up when plugged in, and supply any extra power needed to the Pi as required.

The real time clock on board will let your Pi know what time it is even with no power input or internet connection. It will also manage soft shut down and a true low power sleep state and intelligent start up from the off state.

You will be able to always keep track of the charge levels with the built in tri-coloured RGB LEDs, and since the PiJuice will use up to just five of your GPIO pins (just power and I2C), the rest are free to diversify your project even more. The stacking header allows you to continue to use your existing HATs and add ons with PiJuice.

PiJuice Solar

Ultimate integrated power is one thing but what if we could make the Raspberry Pi renewably powered too?

Solar power is free, clean, and green and we’re proud to have developed the most affordable and efficient solar solution for the Raspberry Pi ever! Now you can create renewably powered solution at a price that has just not been possible before!

PiJuice Solar is self monitoring and like a space satellite can become a completely autonomous systems. Use the PiJuice Solar for autonomous camera system, weather stations, off-grid desktops, and so many other great outdoor projects. PiJuice Solar is also capable of taking inputs from wind turbines, thermoelectric plates and other renewable energy sources.


For more detail: PiJuice – A Portable Project Platform For Every Raspberry Pi

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