PiRacerX – Android controlled RC car using Raspberry Pi

Short description:

We made a car, wich acts as wifi acces point. Users conect to our car and then, they are able to acces our webpage. There you'll be able to download aplication. After the application is installed, the phone makes an UDP session with the raspberry pi controll server. Raspberry pi then controls car via GPIO. We have decided that car will have precise speed and steering control. We have achieved this using I2C and PWM. Check pictures to learn more.

Part list:

PiRacerX - Android controlled RC car using Raspberry Pi block diagram

  • Step 1:

    Modules used with this project

Here is list and pictures of some interfaces:

  • I2C comunication interface (communication betwen raspberry pi and servos)
  • PWM for control of motor
  • Adafruit I2C servo driver
  • Raspberry Pi
  • GPIO

PiRacerX - Android controlled RC car using Raspberry Pi


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