Pocket Voltage Supply: A USB Powered Variable Voltage Supply

What is the Pocket Voltage Supply and What Makes it Interesting?

The Pocket Voltage Supply is a USB powered variable voltage supply. It can be powered with any 5V USB hub and can supply up to 1.5A. 5V USB hubs can be found almost anywhere; desktop computers, laptops, cell phone chargers, even portable USB battery banks. Pairing the Pocket Voltage Supply with a portable USB battery bank allows the user to test circuits and prototypes outside of a lab setting and even bring testing to the field!

The Pocket Voltage Supply allows the user to quickly and easily configure the output to be any one of five commonly used voltages less than or equal to 5V with the flip of a switch. These five commonly used voltages that the Pocket Voltage Supply allows the user to choose from are 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, and 1.5V. This means the Pocket Voltage Supply can be quickly and easily used for any Arduino, PIC, Raspberry Pi, or FPGA development project!

Pocket Voltage Supply A USB Powered Variable Voltage SupplyThe Pocket Voltage Supply has three outputs. +5V Fixed, Ground, and a Variable Output that is set by the user with the switches in front.

The Variable Output's voltage settings are 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, and 1.5V. The +5V is provided by the +5V Fixed Output and is taken directly from the USB port being used to power the pocket voltage supply.

How Can Kickstarter Funding Help?

Kickstarter funding will take us from a prototype to a quality, manufacturable product!

Funding will allow us to either find or create a case that will be more easily integrated with the circuitry of the Pocket Voltage Supply. More importantly, the new case will ultimately provide the user with a more versatile and easy to use product.

Funding will also be used to test various electrical components to find which ones work best. While testing various electrical components we will identify substitute parts with matching performance. If any of our parts go obsolete or our suppliers do not have them in stock, then we can quickly switch to an identified replacement part as to meet quality and production goals.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know about the Pocket Voltage Supply?

The pocket voltage supply assumes a clean, +5V input. If the port being used to power the Pocket Voltage Supply is not providing a clean, +5V, output, performance may suffer for the +5V Fixed Output.

If the port used to power the Pocket Voltage Supply cannot supply 1.5A, then the max output current of the Pocket Voltage Supply will match that of the powering port.

The Pocket Voltage Supply does have short circuit protection, but still should never be plugged into a device that does not also have short circuit protection as to protect both of the devices.


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