Powering a Raspberry Pi from 12 V DC

I new to electronic engineering and am trying to learn electronic engineering by creating little projects. I have a few questions about powering my Raspberry Pi (5 V DC @1000 mA) from a 12 V DC 1000 mA power supply. The 12 V power supply will provide power to the TFT monitor, and I want to also power my Raspberry Pi from the same source.

Powering a Raspberry Pi from 12 V DCAfter doing some research, I can make a 5 V regulator using a 7805 voltage regulator and two 100 µf electrolytic capacitors. The plan is to put a heat sink on the 7805 to help dissipate the heat. My goal is to have one source of power input for my project.

Powering a Raspberry Pi from 12 V DC Schematic

  1. Is this the correct approach?
  2. Is my schematic correct?
  3. Is my hookup correct?


Source: Powering a Raspberry Pi from 12 V DC

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