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The Internet Monitor

The Internet Monitor

Several months ago, I was determined to build the bandwidth monitor posted by Legufix here on Instructables (instructables.com/Bandwidth-Monitor). I ordered the Raspberry Pi Zero and gathered other materials, but I wondered if I could just use the 7″ Raspberry Pi touchscreen that I had left over from another project. It would require a few changes …

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Wi­Fi Connected Locker Access System

Problem Statement Senior Design teams at Iowa State store their projects in the Senior Design lab in lockers secured by padlocks. These locks are reused semester after semester and previous students may remember their locker combination for the sake of tampering with current student’s projects. Additionally, administrators have the maintenance overhead of manually assigning lockers …

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Objective Our goal was to solve the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem by using WiFi measurements. Specifically we wanted to implement this paper, where they solved SLAM through a Graph SLAM formulation with WiFi signal strength and movement data from an IMU. Due to the constraints of graph SLAM, data would first be collected, and then …

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Raspberry Pi VPN Travel Router

I. Introduction Even the basic features of consumer devices often require an internet connection as mobileoperating systems shift to cloud-hosted platforms for services like photo storage, messaging,video playback, etc. While the expansion of mobile data networks has helped to provide “alwayson” connections for these devices, users are consuming more and more data at an unanticipatedrate. …

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The daemon hostapd is a Linux service which enables  a “host” computer to become a WiFi Access Point (AP).     Thus  “host” + “AP” + “d”  (for daemon) gives the name hostapd. I originally learned to set up hostapd from  instructions on Pastebin written by user Dryfire117,1 andlater found useful instructions on the Raspberry Pi website.2 The process originally involved …



AI Noise Analyzer

Analyze sounds using AI on the edge and fleet intelligence. Can we use AI to help us identify and quantify noise pollution? In this project, we’re using a Coral Dev Board or a Raspberry Pi 4 with an attached Edge TPU to listen to ambient sounds 24/7 and categorize them for us. We’ll also demonstrate …

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