Quick Jaw Inclinometer

A brand new approache for determining the values of HCI, Bennett angle and ISS.

Despite the dental field is in the era of CAD / CAM the dentists and dental technicians still face the never ending dilemma which is the dental occlusion, dental occlusion is the relation between two jaws expressed by values such as HCI ( horyzontal condyle inclination ) BEN ( Bennett angle ) ISS ( immidiate side shift ), all of these values must have a reference plane that is called horyzontal plane, this plane is easy to determine in case of articulator ( dental jaw simulator )

if you notice this device has those settings in form of sliders or knobs, the articulator relies on table that surface is supposed to be parallel to horizon ( horizontal plane ), all of the settings begin from ” 0″ in this case our “0” is the horizontal plane, transfering mesurements from the patient to the articulator we must establish the horizontal plane on patient's head and here comes the problem !, patient's head position is related to his general posture which is variable during day, head position could pass through horizontal position but there is no rule to ” catch ” this moment and begin the mesurement of above mentioned values !

Here comes my device which guides the patient to the horizontal plane by means of visual feedback, after reaching the ” 0″ position further mesurements are possible, I have added four memory positions that could be recalled, I have used three Xsens 9DOF sensors, one of them determines the horizontal plane while the other two sens the values, the calculations are made with quaternions, the device is Raspberry pi, dedicated calibration procedure, still working on device.


Source: Quick Jaw Inclinometer

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