Rasberry Pi Zero DIN Rail Mount perfect for home automation projects

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts may be interested in a new RasPiBox Zero DIN rail enclosure kit specifically designed to install your Pi0 based home automation or industry 4.0 project in a cabinet. Two different versions of the RasPiBox Zero Lite for Raspberry Pi Zero are available :

– Version Basic: without the parts of the voltage regulator. (You can order these parts seperately form any electronic distributor …)
– Version Standard: includes parts für a 5V/1.7A voltage regulator and USB-A socket

“Sometimes it is useful to install PiZero based projects in a cabinet. There are several kits for din rail mounting of the Raspberry Pi on the market, but no solutions for the Pi0. This tutorial will show you how to install a PiZero (W/H) or BananaPi Zero with our new RasPiBox Zero kit in a cabinet. The kit includes a prototyping PCB with integrated 5V power supply. So you can use for example 24V DC by the cabinet to power the Pi0 inside the enclosure.”

Specifications of the DIN Rail Mount for Rasberry Pi Zero include :

– milled 4 module DIN rail enclosure
– top shell with grey or transparent cover
– for EN50022 DIN rails
– pcb with 40pole female pin header to plug a Raspberry Pi Zero
– optional integrated voltage regulator (input voltage 9..35V via 2 way terminal block)
– breadboard / proto board for own circuits
– all GPIO pins are marked and placed beside the breadboard area
– 3x 2 way terminal blocks to connect external components to the breadboard
– USB-A socket (option) to bring the internal usb of the Pizero outside the housing
– removable protections for terminals
– Opening for SD card on top side
– for Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W(H) and Banana Pi M2/BPI Zero

Source: Rasberry Pi Zero DIN Rail Mount perfect for home automation projects

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