Raspberry Pi 3D printed floating speaker project

If you have access to a 3D printer together with a swimming pool new may be interested in a new Raspberry Pi project to create a 3D printed floating speaker. If you are interested in building your very own you’ll be pleased to know that Brian Obudho has published full instructions via the All3dp website. Together with a component list which includes a pair of Polk Audio MM-6502 speakers, waterproof switch, wireless charging battery pack, a variety of 3D printed components and of course the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC.


“Polk Audio MM-6502 speakers are marine-grade and are therefore manufactured to handle any kind of weather thrown at them. They are well sealed to prevent any leaking, even in the case that they are submerged in water. But that’s not all because they also have remarkable sound quality.

Please note that the battery used for this project is a Bosch WC18CF-102. According to BryantM, this battery is preferred because it has an induction charging feature, which allows for wireless charging. Induction charging makes sense for this project because it is wireless and can pass through a waterproof boundary.”

For more details and to create your very own Raspberry Pi waterproof floating speaker system jump over to the All3dp website by following the link below.


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