Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC converted into a hacker cyberdeck

YouTuber Zack Freedman has transformed a Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC into a Voidstar Data Blaster, a portable cyberdeck, check out the video below to learn more about the features of the unique build which include, battery handles, 1280×480 touchscreen, SDR receiver, batteries incorporated into the handle and a detachable wearable display. If you fancy building your very own Zack has made available all the STL files you need to 3D print the casing and handles as well as a full tutorial on how to combine the components.

“Handles make the cyberdeck nice and portable. Console cowboys can also use them to flip the deck up onto their forearm and easily “jack in” to cyberspace. Rules around which keyboard you can use on a legitimate cyberdeck are pretty tight. It can’t be touchscreen (because that means it’s a tablet); however, it can’t fold away on a hinge either (because that makes it a laptop). Enter Raspberry Pi 400, a computer built into a mechanical keyboard about the length of an adult forearm. Perfect.”

Source: Raspberry Pi 400 mini PC converted into a hacker cyberdeck

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