Raspberry Pi B+ for Sound source

Still I need good PC for ripping and have to buy source from internet(online). if do you have Good DAC probably reproduce good sound from Raspberry Pi B+ Music
server.Raspberry Pi B+ is very small PCB actually small PC for kids in UK.but for Audiophile can be use for Music source.
how much cost ? only around USD $ 30 dollars and micro SD memory, and connection cables. if would like big capacity of memory , you can use USB SATA HDD of few Tera Byte.
I am using one(1 Tera)byte of USB HDD and 2 of NAS. 2 of NAS are using old PC. old PC located corner of room etc.only need one PC for work station.
even can be use control by Wifi smartphone. what is Music server and Music server using Linux OS. distrobution 2 of them are famous .Volumio and RuneAudio.
please try to use Raspberry Pi B+ in your audio room.
OS where get from ?
one thing Raspberry Pi does not have master clock for I2S DAC without general DAC so must be made Master clock ,, idea have some mulifier IC using and will be get master clock from
Bck which is using NB3N2302, PI6C4511WE-ND ,ICS570, LTC1799 so some day I will try hookup my DAC with Raspberry Pi B+..
Raspberry Pi B+ for Sound source
PCM5102a Single DAC is very nice sound to getting. please try to build up.less than USD $ 15 dollars cost if do you build up by your self.

If easy to get master clock ,,,,not difficult connect any DAC with Raspberry pi with I2C and I2S .so what can I do to……….
this is my home work right now.

One thing ,one of big problem of Raspberry Pi B+ is does not have Master-clock(SCK) signal so we can not use any kind of DAC IC,
SCK of PCM5102 must be connected with ground.

(1)Raspberry Pi 2 B type or Pi B+ (this is small arm architectur board PC)as you know (RS Components can buy)
(2) DAC USB type DAC has USB input if you do not have one,, please build up DAC by PCM5102a TI easily to build up. even DAC has DSD much better.
PCM5102a small DAC is very easy to build up and will be get good sound.you can by Digikey and RS component any where in the world.
(3) micro SD card (less than 16 giga byte),much better use 32 Giga Byte.
(4)PC Main PC any OS of PC for access by ssh
(5)Power supply of 5V 3A with micro USB connector with cable.
(6)if do you have SATA USB HDD or NAS ,if does not have those elements, need one of USB memory big much better for ex less than 64 G byte.
my case is using SATA HDD 1 tere byte with USB BOX.USB box adapter can be use SATA HDD to USB Memory on-line as just like NAS.
even you can use old PC with LAN for NAS .
(7)LAN cable and System of LAN in your house or your company.
(8)USB Cable
(9)USB Key board(not necessary but if would like to use with HDMI monitor )
(11)Monitor HDMI
and Music Server application, there are Linux OS.Volumio or RuneAudio even Free NAS etc.Volumio or RuneAudio can convert High Quality sound passing trough
to your DAC or I2S type DIY DAC into your sound system. please try to build up PCM5102a small DAC. sound is good.!!!!!

Best simple Mastar Clock OSClator in the world.Just try to make Master clock for other DAC PCM1794 ,PCM5124, FN1242A ……..

24.5760 Mhz = 48Khz,96Khz,192 Khz and
22.5792 Mhz = 44.1Khz,88.2Kz ,176Khz will be make Master Clock for DAC.
Spec of LTC1799 PDF file
can make time base clock and can divide 1/10 and1/100 with 3 position of switches.if power supply is +5V can be use until 30 Mhz
and can be use until 20 Mhz when power supply is +3V. frequency is just show around 24 Mhz so must be use +5V Vcc.
Data 1: +5V Set R must be use 5K pot.for 24M hz and if possible to use some buffer or LC transformer.

Just doing test by Master Clock ,,with LTC1799 OSC ,actually does not need frequency counter for adjust correct frequency.just turn screw of pot by screw
driver like tune frequency with radio dial.frequency is 24.576 Mhz.POT is 3K ohms .sound is a little bit more clear and getting a little bit more bass.but some time get
noise.like pi! but sound is really good than before . more widely and good bass ,,only some time to get noise.noise like scrach,,,on LP.
much better use Xtal module more useful and more cheaper.

Manualy can do
24.5760 Mhz = 48Khz,96Khz,192 Khz and
22.5792 Mhz = 44.1Khz,88.2Kz ,176Khz one of switch can switch by manual.in general InterNet Radio made up 24bit 44.1 Khz so need 22.579 Mhz Master Clock.

These kind of DAC does not need Master Clock. contain PLL Mater inside of PCM51XX DAC. if would like to add please use Master Clock with sync.because get some noise.
or no master clock.

Show you 3 party Volumio 1.55 modificated by Mr Horliy ,circuit is show above.GPIO no 7pin connected direct with SLCK of PCM5142.
a little bit has noise.but not so bad.
I can use any DAC without Master clock. Maste Clock came from Raspberry Pi B+ with his archive ,Volumio 1.55 MKCLK. using internal clock for
remote control clock. please try it.
Raspberry Pi B+ for Sound source Schematicso what to do,,,, still I am getting noise from with Master Clock …..master clock have to make sync with internal signal of DAC.many case use LRclock or Bit Clock.
then ,,, I made order multiple IC like ICS570 or ICS512 for will be get synclonize master clock. with use any DAC.

So 、I got 2 of ICS512 $4 dollars each in Japan.to get 3.072 Mhz signal from BCK into crystal pin as pin1、S0,S1 are pull up ,connected directly Vcc Multipulier works as X 8.
Volumio 1.51 how was work….does not get any noise .works fine.so I will make some slave DAC with Raspberry Pi,.PCM1794 or FN1242A ,PCM1716 etc.because I do not any
stock in my parts box.plays quite good with PCM5142.muy bien,,,,
still if do you have some noise please check RCA cable .good cable need.


For more detail: Raspberry Pi B+ for Sound source

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