Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station

Nice looking weather forecast for Raspberry Pi Zero and Ili9341 based 2.8 inch TFT.

I want to show you in this project how to build a nice looking weather station based on Raspberry Pi Zero W for wall mount with weather forecast and coloured 2.8 inch TFT screen.

Electronic and Assembly

This project based on our AZ-Touch Pi0 kit for Pizero. Please follow the attached assembly instruction.


The software based on the great work of LoveBootCaptain. To make it compatible to AZ-Touch it was needed to recompile the rpi–display-overlay driver. You will find a copy of the changed driver and prepared Raspbian image here


Download the image and copy it with Win32DiskImager to an SD card. You can follow this tutorial to setting the Wifi headless.

Weatherbit.io account

get an api key from weatherbit.io:

  • go to weatherbit.io
  • and register to get an API key
  • choose the free version of the API

Edit the config file

Now establish a SSH connection (via Putty) to the PiZero. (user: pi, password: raspbian)

cdcd WeatherPi_TFTsudo nano config.json
  • replace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in "WEATHERBIT_IO_KEY": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" with your own API key
  • replace de in "WEATHERBIT_COUNTRY": "de" with your country code
  • replace en in "WEATHERBIT_LANGUAGE": "en" with your preferred language
  • replace 10178 in "WEATHERBIT_POSTALCODE": "10178" with the postal (zip) code of your city (default loaction is Berlin)
  • for language-support, please refer to -> Weather.io API Docs

Reboot your Pizero. The weather station will start automatically after reboot.

Source: Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station

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