Raspberry Pi Braille display and keyboard

The Hackaday website has today featured an interesting Raspberry Pi Braille display and keyboard created by Mario Lang. Powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero the small mini PC has been integrated inside a Handy Tech Active Star 40.

Raspberry Pi Braille display

Mario explains a little more about the project and solution of the Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC. “I put a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, a Bluetooth USB dongle, and the required adapter cable into my new Handy Tech Active Star 40 braille display. An internal USB port provides the power. This has transformed my braille display into an ARM-based, monitorless, Linux laptop that has a keyboard and a braille display. It can be charged/powered via USB so it can also be run from a power bank or a solar charger, thus potentially being able to run for days, rather than just hours, without needing a standard wall-jack. Braille displays come in various sizes. There are models tailored for desktop use (with 60 cells or more), models tailored for portable use with a laptop (usually with 40 cells), and, nowadays, there are even models tailored for on-the-go use with a smartphone or similar (with something like 14 or 18 cells).”

Raspberry Pi Braille display 1

For more details on the Raspberry Pi project jump over to the Blind Guru website by following the link below. If you enjoy building Pi projects you might be interested in our comprehensive list of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and small screens.

Source: Raspberry Pi Braille display and keyboard

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