Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck inspired by 1980s MSX computer

A fantastic Raspberry Pi workstation has been created by Instructables member ”lewisb42” who has taken inspiration from the 1980s MSX Computer. Using a variety of 3D printer parts components, wooden stricture and a Raspberry Pi 3+ mini PC, the FLIPT-BIT retro-styled Raspberry Pi Workstation provides a great way to access the computers GPIO pins to create and code your Pi projects.

Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck inspired by 1980s MSX computer

“This is my take on an Raspberry Pi enclosure. It’s an all-in-one computer with display, keyboard, and trackpad built-in. The RPi’s USB and audio ports are exposed to the back panel, and the “cartridge slots” can be removed to get access to the RPi’s GPIO pins.”

For more information and to build your very own jump over to the Instructables website by following the link below where a component list and full instructions are available to help you along your way.

“The faceted sides were 3D printed in pieces, glued together, and then attached to a 1/4″ thick backplate made out of polycarbonate. For the “nose” piece under the keyboard, “lewisb42” actually used a piece of wood cut at the appropriate angles with a table saw. The top surface of the computer, which he calls the FLIPT-BIT, is actually made of individual pieces of foamed PVC sheet.” explains the Hackaday website.

Source: Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck inspired by 1980s MSX computer

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