Raspberry Pi DIN Rail mounting system

Adafruit has this week introduced new Raspberry Pi DIN Rail mounts which are also available for Arduino and Beaglebone platforms, offering a great solution for enterprise applications as well as just keeping your prototyping hardware tidy and easily accessible. Check out the video below to learn more about the DIN Rail Raspberry Pi mounts that require no soldering and allow you to easily attach your favourite microcontroller or mini PC.

“This one’s going out to all the makers and designers who use DIN railing in their builds. This adapter plate is perfect for simplifying complex wiring. It’s pretty neat and compatible with a slew of microcontrollers and microcomputers: Raspberry Pi (any modern ones with 4 mounting holes such as the Zero, Pi 4, etc), Adafruit Metro or Arduino Uno, Adafruit Grand Central Express or Arduino Mega, or BeagleBone. “

If you’re interested in mounting other microcontrollers or mini PCs to DIN Rails Adafruit offers a variety of solution :

DIN Rail Mount Bracket for Raspberry Pi / BeagleBone / Arduino – $19.95
DIN Rail Terminal Block Adapter to Grand Central or Arduino Mega – $44.95
DIN Rail Terminal Block Adapter to Metro or Arduino Uno – $34.95

Source: Raspberry Pi DIN Rail mounting system

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