Raspberry Pi e-paper weather station

Weather enthusiasts interest in creating their very own Raspberry Pi weather station, may be interested in a new project published to the hackster.io website this week by member “aerodynamics”. The weather station uses a Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC attached to a 7.5 inch e-paper display, running the official Raspberry Pi operating system Raspberry OS.

“To run the code I chose a Raspberry pi zero W. I think an arduino would be sufficient but I might use the raspberry for something else (as a wifi relay). The raspberry is very economic solution, easy to set. To make the final project pretty I enclosed it in a wooden photo frame. The result is satisfying in my opinion. The Rpi and Waveshare hat taped (double side) on the frame.”

The weather informations are download from OPEN WEATHER MAP. It is quite easy to make it work and free up to 60calls/minute (I make 1 a hour). To reduce the number of call, I chose the “One call” API. You get current weather, rain forecast for the next hour, hourly forecast for 48h and daily forecast up to 7 days.”

“I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s prettier than many commercial weather station. As I’m running a Pi Zero for that I think I will find it another utility at the same time. Feel free to reproduce it and share the result ? It’s not totally straight forward but I must have provided all the information you need to make it work.”

Source: Raspberry Pi e-paper weather station

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