Raspberry Pi equipped with 11 PCI express slots

Raspberry Pi enthusiast and YouTuber Jeff Geerling has published a new video demonstrating a Raspberry Pi equipped with plenty of I/O connections in the form of 11 PCI express slots with four of them providing two-lane communication. The Seaberry Pi CM4 Carrier Board is powered by the small yet effective Raspberry Pi Compute Module and is available to purchase via Tindie priced at $435.

Alftel’s Seaberry is a carrier board for the CM4 in the Mini ITX form factor that adds on eleven PCI Express slots:

1 x16 slot (with x1 lane) in the standard ITX location
1 x1 slot on board edge
4 mini PCIe slots
4 M.2 E-key slots (with dual PCIe lines so you can run specialty cards like dual-TPU accelerators)
1 M.2 M-key slot for NVMe SSD

Our initial stock was sold out too fast (in a matter of a few minutes) after Jeff Geerling posted his video review on YouTube. We are expecting another 100pcs batch in 2-3 weeks from now, so please register for product waitlist – this way you will be notified as soon as new stock is available (there is no commitment on your side), and it will help us to learn expected demand and plan our next build and parts procurement activities.”

“The Seaberry Pi is a full-featured Raspberry Pi CM4 (Compute Module 4) carrier board in a standard Mini-ITX form factor that exposes the PCIe bus to a variety of different connector types. The board also features support for the latest 802.3bt PoE standard to allow up-to 100 W power delivery from qualified PoE power source (802.3bt PoE module to fit Seaberry Pi board and support 80-100W power workload is in works and will be available soon, but users can use any available Raspberry Pi PoE HAT observing maximum power consumption that will depend on PCIe peripherals plugged to the Seaberry Pi board).”

Source: Raspberry Pi equipped with 11 PCI express slots

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