Raspberry Pi hardware crypto wallet enclosure project

Crypto enthusiasts looking to keep their coins safe might be interested in the new project published to the Hackster.io website by Sketchwork for a Raspberry Pi hardware crypto wallet enclosure. The hardware wallet has been created using a Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC combined with a Adafruit 128×64 OLED Bonnet. Watch the video to learn more about the 3D printing enclosure to create your very own personal hardware crypto wallet to keep your digital currencies safe from unscrupulous exchanges such as FTX.

Raspberry Pi hardware crypto wallet

“This is the enclosure designed to hold your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet. The Enclosure Design has two main covers. We used M2.5 screws for the fitting and you need 8 screws to fix all components. (For more information about the screws please refer PDF file). For the Covers fittings, you must use an uncommon screw drive type to secure the device. “

The mini PC is loaded with the official Raspberry Pi operating system and features a number of controls to manage your menu and crypto currencies. For more details on how to build your very own Raspberry Pi powered hardware crypto wallet and download all the 3D printing files you need to construct the outer case jump over to the websites using the links below.

Source: Raspberry Pi hardware crypto wallet enclosure project

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