Raspberry Pi High Quality camera straw photography project

Using 23,248 plastic drinking straws together with the Raspberry Pi High Quality camera, maker Adrian Hanft has created a unique camera lens and photographic system capable of capturing some fantastic results.

The unique build takes photographs using the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera through a ‘lens’ of tiny drinking straws packed together. “The Start button launches a preview of what the camera is seeing. The A button takes a picture. The Up and Down buttons increase or decrease the exposure time by 1 second. The Select button launches a gallery of photos so I can see the last photo I took. The Right and Left buttons cycle between photos in the gallery. I am saving the B button for something else in the future. Maybe I will use it for uploading to Dropbox, I haven’t decided yet.”

“Just as in a camera, if you were to put a piece of film, or an enormous digital sensor at the plane where the straws kiss the glass, you would be able to take a picture. Obviously, that’s not practical so I use a digital camera as the “film” for my camera. So the distinction I make is that a lens can’t create a picture by itself. Since my contraption could take a picture (in theory) by itself I consider it to be a camera.”

Source: Raspberry Pi High Quality camera straw photography project

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