Raspberry Pi Home Server – New project : a data recorder

This is weeks that the blog lives more than your visits and comments. Mais je n’étais pas loiraspberry pi home server new project a data recorder

Since I have Raspberry Pi, I have lots of articles on software but little about electronics lack of knowledge. Now that I know a bit more (I’m still level “But what is this capacitor thingy”), I was able to share a few experiences as the DS1820 sensor for temperature or here for a RTC clock.

In fact, These articles were intended to hone my super project (one front “conquer the world” expected next week) : a data recorder !

A data recorder ?

The idea I had in mind was to use the Raspberry as a data collection centre when travelling. Projects such as Yana allow you to collect external data but without roaming (or I have not seen). And it is another level with the commands voice etc. ?

So here are the main objectives of this recorder :

  • Being mobile : have an external power supply. Batteries, Lipo, battery, etc.
  • Being transportable : the weight even if it is not that of a professional camera must not be a brake for the transport. He must carry it on foot, by bike, etc.
  • Being flexible : power plug easily as desired, so seems it to be easily adaptable and scalable so that everyone can set it up as good.
  • Stay with a reasonable consumer to not shut off at the end of 5 minutes !
  • Usable in a web interface data

Yes have wires everywhere but It already works ! 250g on the balance, without batteries (450g with the 6 AA batteries). To remove the wires I think pass either by a plate welding components or using a GertDuino card available from Farnell and manufactured by Atmel. An Atmega 328, an Atmega 48, buttons, LEDs and more built-in RTC clock !. La carte est en cours de livraison ?

With a diagram it is surely more simple :

diagram raspberry pi home server new project a data recorder

For more detail: Raspberry Pi Home Server – New project : a data recorder

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