Raspberry Pi – John Jay’s 8 LED & Button Breakout Board


In a previous article I demonstrated how to build your own Raspberry Pi GPIO testing board that included buttons, slide switches, and LEDs.  Since that time, I learned about a retired engineer in Georgia named John Jay who is producing awesome little companion electronic boards and kits for the Raspberry Pi.  The boards are available as DIY kits and/or fully assembled boards.   The kits are very reasonably priced and are available now on eBay.  Click here to see John Jay's eBay listings.  One of Mr. Jay's kits is an 8 button / 8 LED GPIO button breakout board.  Using this kit is certainly easier than acquiring all the individual electronic components and building the board on your own.
 John Jay's 8 LED & Button Breakout Board
I made one slight modification to the kit so that I could connect the breakout board to my Raspberry Pi via a 26 pin ribbon cable.

Shopping List

Parts for Optional Ribbon Cable & Connector (below)


John Jay's 8 LED & Button Breakout Board


The kit includes the following components:

  • 1 @ printed circuit board
  • 8 @ green LEDs
  • 8 @ momentary/normally-open pushbutton micro-switches
  • 2 @ resistor networks
  • 1 @ 26 pin PCB mount female header
    (not pictured)
  • 1 @ peel-and-stick on rubber bumper
    (not pictured)

In addition to the parts provided in the kit, I also used a right-angle 26P male box header socket for connecting a 26P ribbon cable to the Raspberry Pi.


For more detail: Raspberry Pi – John Jay's 8 LED & Button Breakout Board

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