Raspberry Pi machine learning HAT

Hardware manufacturer XaLogic has created a Raspberry Pi machine learning HAT in the form of the Kendryte K210 based PI AI Hat equipped with the company’s Machine Learning accelerator module. While other machine learning HATs are available for the Raspberry Pi platform XaLogic has designed their XAPIZ3500 in a smaller Pi Zero style form factor

Raspberry Pi machine learning HAT

At the core of the XAM3500 is the Kendryte K210 Dual-Core 64bit RISC-V processor with FPU and dedicated CNN accelerator, enabling the module to achieve 0.23TOPS under 300mW. The affordable XaLogic AI Hat XAPIZ3500 HAT enables Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, developers and students to build machine learning applications from just $28.80.

“Over at XaLogic, we want to bring Machine Learning to the edge computing by building a machine learning accelerator module. We used Raspberry PI quite a lot in our rapid prototyping and love the form factor of the PI Zero which allows us to make cool things in a nice small form factor.”


For more details and purchasing options jump over to the Tindie website by following the link below. Adding the XAPIZ3500 allows Yolo-Like object detection with close to 10X performance improvements.

Source: Raspberry Pi machine learning HAT

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