Raspberry Pi mini GOTO Telescope project

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or astronomers looking for a project to keep them busy this weekend may be interested in a new Raspberry Pi mini GOTO Telescope created by Instructables member Greg_The_Maker. Using a Raspberry Pi 4 model B and the recently launched HQ camera specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi mini PC. Together with a 300 mm mirror lens and geared stepper motors the small telescope provides full GOTO support with tracking as well as GPS, wireless connectivity and more. Check out the video below to see the Instructables project in action.

The sky is a fascinating place, but the real interesting stuff resides far beyond the thin atmosphere. The Universe, the Milky Way and our Solar System is where it’s at. To be able to peer far out through the sky and observe the galaxy and beyond, one needs a telescope. This Instructable follows my journey as I develop a miniture GOTO telescope. We’ll look through some of the research I perform, glimpse at my design process, observe the assembly & wiring processes, view instuctions for the software configuration and then finally step outside to scope out the cosmos.”

Source: Raspberry Pi mini GOTO Telescope project

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