Raspberry Pi multiple camera adapter

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts creating projects that need more than one camera connected to the mini PC may be interested in the Arducam Multi Camera Adapter Module V2.2 for Raspberry Pi 4 B, 3B+, Pi 3, Pi 2, Model A/B/B+. The Raspberry Pi camera module works with both the five and eight megapixel high quality cameras and has been specifically designed to enable the ability to connect up to 4 cameras to a single CSI camera port on an RPi board.

“Raspberry Pi multi-camera adapter is designed for connecting more than one MIPI camera to a single CSI camera port on the Raspberry Pi board. One adapter board can connect 4 cameras on a single Raspberry Pi board. Please note that the Raspberry Pi multi-camera adapter board is a nascent product that may have some stability issues and limitations because of the cable’s signal integrity and RPi’s closed source video core libraries, so use it on your own risk.”

“The latest revision of the Arducam Multi Camera Adapter is V2.2. The V2.2 undergoes firmware updates, but the specs, documentations, and tutorials on the V2.1 will still apply to the V2.2.”

  • ccommodate 4 Raspberry Pi cameras on a single RPi board
  • Support 5MP OV5647 / 8MP IMX219 / 12MP IMX477 camera, no mixing allowed
  • 3 GPIOs required for multiplexing
  • Cameras work in sequential, not simultaneously
  • Low resolution, low frame rate video surveillance demo with 4 cameras
  • High resolution still image photography demo

All camera are connected using the FFC (flexible flat cable) connectors and the cameras work in sequential, not simultaneously, perfect for high resolution still image photography. Unfortunately the board will not allow different resolution cameras to be used at the same time.

Source: Raspberry Pi multiple camera adapter

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