Raspberry Pi passes EMC test without mods

Following a weeks testing at Panasonic in South Wales, Raspberry Pi has made it through EMC testing without hardware mods.

“The first boards have passed emission testing to Class A standard and comply with the requirements of the EMC directive EN50081-2 (1993) for the use of information technology equipment in industrial or office environments,” said RS Components, which, along with Element 14, is supplying the computer to the public. “Equipment used in a residential environment may be susceptible to radio interference and to ensure that Raspberry Pi customers are fully aware of this, each of the boards will be supplied with a warning statement in accordance with EMC regulations.” While the test facilities were available,

Raspberry Pi passes EMC test without mods

the computer was also evaluated for markets outside Europe.

“Given that we’ve had the chamber for the whole week, we’ve used the time to make sure that alongside the CE requirements, the Raspberry Pi also complies with FCC regulations as well as CTick [Australia], and what we’ve been calling ‘that Canadian thing’,” said the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Gainspeed acted as EMC consultants.

“There is still a mountain of paperwork for us to sign, and that then has to be looked over by RS Components and Element14,” said the Foundation.

“This is excellent news for Raspberry Pi customers,” said Glenn Jarrett, head of marketing at RS. “We have thousands of people eagerly awaiting their boards, and this brings us another step closer to delivering Raspberry Pis across the world.”

Designed in Cambridge, Raspberry Pi is a credit card-size educational computer that needs only a keyboard, PSU, and a TV or monitor to run Linux.

Despite the first batch being intended only for use by professionals and code developers, hundreds of thousands were ordered by consumers, forcing the suppliers to qualify the initial boards for CE marking.


For More Detail : Raspberry Pi passes EMC test without mods

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