Raspberry Pi Pico alarm clock project

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking for inspiration for projects to use the new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller which is now available to purchase priced at just $4. May be interested in a new Pico alrm clock project published to the Hackster.io website by member ‘teig’. The project is classed as a beginner skill level build and should take approximately three hours to complete, for full code, instructions and inspiration behind the project jump over to the Hackster.io website by following the link below.

“There is no nice alarm clock sound in the morning, not even if you wake up with music. This is why I created the light alarm clock. Well, this and because I wanted to try out the Raspberry Pi Pico. Plug it in and 27720 seconds (or 7.7 hours) later a light will start to shine smoothly. More technically: A timer is set to 7.7 hours, after this time a PWM signal will slowly turn on an LED. There are no displays or buttons or anything. As soon as it is powered the clock starts ticking.”

Source: Raspberry Pi Pico alarm clock project

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