Raspberry Pi Pico-based Midi Fighter project

In the latest issue of the awesome HackSpace magazine the Raspberry Pi foundation has included a project to build a Raspberry Pi Pico-based Midi Fighter. Providing a grid of 16 arcade buttons, enabling you to play MIDI notes faster, either live with hardware or with your digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice. For more details jump over to the official Raspberry Pi blog.

“The Raspberry Pi Pico MIDI Fighter has features that make it ideal for both playing live and noodling at home working on a track. You can use it with your computer’s DAW over USB and change the assigned MIDI notes on the fly for different settings or to different note input options. The fast and accurate nature of the arcade buttons makes them great candidates for live beat making and performance.”

“The Pico is the perfect board for a project like this. With all the GPIO pins, you can directly wire your inputs and outputs without issue. The copious GPIO also allows this MIDI controller to have some special features. There is a screen with a GUI representing the 4×4 button grid, along with the assigned MIDI note numbers. Below the screen is a five-way navigation switch that allows you to select the individual buttons and adjust their MIDI note number on the fly rather than having to adjust the code.”

For more information on the latest HackSpace magazine and other magazines published by the Raspberry Pi Foundation through their publishing house Pi Press jump over to the official website by following the link below this month issue includes lots of projects explaining how the internet of things can work for you: “all you have to do is do it yourself! Inside this issue we look at 10 of the best DIY internet of things projects to inspire and delight you, and maybe even give you the idea for the next world-beating device”.

Source: Raspberry Pi Pico-based Midi Fighter project

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