Raspberry Pi Pico Sarcasm Injector Conveys Its Contempt For Humanity

Well, this is nice. A Canadian electronics tinkerer and Twitter user known as Ben S has created what can only be called a sarcasm injector using two $4 Raspberry Pi Pico boards. It sits between his keyboard and computer and, rather than employing irony to apply the lowest form of wit to his caustic missives, instead flips the caps lock setting on and off to mAkE hIs TeXt LoOk LiKe ThIs. 

The injector is triggered by a simple flip switch on a box marked ‘SaRcAsM’, and employs a man-in-the-middle attack to intercept and decode the keyboard input, adding the caps lock signals to every other stroke. The two Pico boards are connected over UART, one appearing to the computer like a normal keyboard, and the other acting as a USB host to read the keyboard input.

Some of Ben S’s other inventions include a GameCube controller MIDI converter3D printed plier tips for retrieving objects from his plughole, and an upgrade to a cheap digital calliper that lets it run from an AAA battery. They’re all excellent, no sarcasm intended.

Source: Raspberry Pi Pico Sarcasm Injector Conveys Its Contempt For Humanity

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