Raspberry Pi plant monitoring system

Using the Azure Internet of Things hub Hackster.io members of Green team, Damir Mukametkarim and Artem Savchuk. Have created a great tutorial on building a Raspberry Pi plant monitoring system, harnessing the features of Azure IoT and Node.js. The project uses a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B mini PC, DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor, SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor and Photo resistor and is classed as an easy project.

Raspberry Pi plant monitoring system

“This project is a quick demonstration of a demo about Plant observation system. The system should gain valuable information about plants from diverse sensors such as photoresistors, moisture sensors, temperature/humidity sensors. These sensors are connected to the device, which communicates events to the back-end application for later processing and analysis. Here we will use Azure IoT hub to let the device to communicate with our back-end app. In that device we will randomly generate telemetry, so it’s make possible to test the system without a real hardware parts and sensors.”


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Source: Raspberry Pi plant monitoring system

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