Raspberry pi “Power” case

I am big fan of Raspberry pi and i am using it as NAS and torrent box among other things. I hate wire clutters and i only use my raspberry pi with putty, so i decided to make a little mod, so you can plug raspberry directly into AC socket.Raspberry pi Power case

Step 1: Things you need

Raspberry pi

2. raspberry pi case (you can make your own)

3. some other enclosure (i used wireless n repeater that i bricked with wrong firmware ;))

4. soldering iron

5. solder

6. helping hands (you can do it without helping hand, but is much easier with them)

7. wire cutters and strippers

8. screws and plastic, rubber basically a non conductive washers

9. sandpaper

10. 5v charger

11. drill

Step 2: Preparing

Take apart wireless n repeater and sand it down, so you have nice and even surface. Then take apart 5v charger (my had power led indicator, so i did make hole in sanded down wireless n repeater) and test fit everything. Next you need to mark holes that you have to drill.

Step 3: Work

Cut plastic or rubber washers in size to fit nicely on raspberry pi and test fit them.Then you have to solder ac power to 5v charger, tin wires first for easy soldering. Next put all into case and before screwing it together test it.Raspberry pi Power case schematic

Step 4: Finish

It works 🙂

One awesome thing about wireless n repeater is changeable plug, so you can take it to other country and plug it in, you can also remove plug and put it raspberry pi onto a desk.

I hope you enjoyed and have fun 🙂


For more detail: Raspberry pi “Power” case

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