Raspberry pi powered Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge controller

The Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge Controller is now available to preorder from RS Components, and has been designed to combine the companies IO and serial connectivity technology with a variety of network connections. Enabling users to allow the data to flow to the application of their choice.

Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge controller

Equipped with a Raspberry Pi compute module and Arduino programming to offer edge processing, the Pi mini PC is supported by a power management system, making it strong enough for the needs of industry. Priced at £399 the Brainboxes BB-400 Is now available to preorder with dispatch expected to take place during May 2019. Specifications of the Brainboxes BB-400 include :

– Smarter machine communication
– Unlock the data that matters
– Edge processing with Raspberry Pi
– Multiple ways to connect within compact DIN
– Mountable design
– Comes with easy to use interface
– Benefit from Linux and Raspbian open software
– 8 Digital IO lines
– 1 Ethernet port for wider network
– 1 Ethernet port for device’s own network
– Detachable Wi-Fi antenna
– Bluetooth
– UPS power management
– Dual redundant 5-30 VDC power supply
– Raspberry Pi Compute module
– Edge processing sends relevant data to your application or the cloud
– Highly compatible open source software
– Benefit from Linux and Raspbian development communities
– Customise with APIs and Docker containers
– Use REST, Websockets, or .NET APIs
– Program in your favourite language or use out-of-the-box applications


Source:  Raspberry pi powered Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge controller

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