Raspberry pi print server

A print server that tastes of pi. This project assumes that you have the latest version of raspbian (which can be downloaded at) https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/. And an active internet connection.

(When imaging the SD card be careful to select the right device otherwise BOOM! There goes your shopping list and the 4086 page novel you were working on)

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Updates!

Turn on your pi and login to the GUI. Next go to LX Terminal and type

sudo apt-get update

That’s it for this step.Raspberry pi print server

Step 2: Auto login

Do you really need to log into your pi every time you turn your print server on? No! So in Lx terminal type:

sudo nano /etc/inittab

Then go to the following line in the file

1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 tty1

Put a # before the line. It should look like this

#1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 tty1

Then below it type

1:2345:respawn:/bin/login -f pi tty1 /dev/tty1 2>&1

Press crtl+x then press y to save the file

Step 3: Installing CUPS

CUPS is the print server software required to instruct the printer to print. So to install it type

Sudo apt-get install cups

Into LX Terminal

That was easy!Raspberry pi print server schematic

Step 4: Configure CUPS

Ok so CUPS has been installed but now you need to configure it

To configure CUPS type:

Usermod –aG lpadmin pi

Step 5: Plug in your printer

Now is the time to shut down your pi and plug in the printer and move it to an ideal location. I’m using the brother HL-1030 which has a parallel port. To use a printer with a parallel port use a USB to parallel wire.


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