Raspberry Pi RFID HAT unveiled by SB Components

SB Components have today unveiled their new Raspberry Pi RFID HAT which will soon be available to purchase and has been specifically designed to enable users to read the information stored on RFID key fob and tags.
The RFID HAT system consists of mainly three components: RFID key fob/ card/ tag, antenna, and an RFID reader.

“The full form of RFID is “radio frequency identification” and it is based on the technology whereby the digital data encoded in the RFID tag/ key fob is captured by a reader by the signals of radio waves. RFID tags work on the radio frequency that is why one does not need to be aligned with the reader which makes it work efficiently outside the line of sight. “

“The RFID HAT will analyze the product and identify it and then collect the data about that product. This data then goes into a predefined system by the user for storage. The tags/keyfob RFID consists of an integrated circuit and antenna which sends the signals to the RFID reader or interrogator. The RFID reader is designed to read and convert the radio signals into data that a person can use in their life with the usage of Raspberry Pi.”

Features of the Raspberry Pi RFID HAT :
– Communication Interfaces: UART
– Support 125 Khz Cards /Keyfog / Tags
– Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO
– Onboard Programmable 0.91″ Oled Display
– Programmable Buzzer

Applications of the Raspberry Pi RFID HAT :
– Contactless payment system
– Bluetooth and WiFi devices chaining
– Social sharing function like sharing contacts, photos, and videos

To view the complete range of Raspberry Pi HATs created and available from SB Components jump over to their official online store by following the link below. Order sign-up here to be notified when the Raspberry Pi RFID HAT is available to purchase.

Source: Raspberry Pi RFID HAT unveiled by SB Components

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