E-Book description:

The purpose of this book is to get you started with the Raspberry Pi. We will try and
cover many different topics to demonstrate the flexibility of the Raspberry Pi. The
main goal of the book is to get you started on this project that you were just not so
sure about.
What this book covers
Chapter 1, Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, will check the basic equipment that we
need to use with this book. We will have to look into the other peripherals that we
buy and see how the Raspberry works. We then will be seeing how to flash the
newest Raspbian image to our SD card.
Chapter 2, Preparing the Network, will illustrate how to set up LAN and a wireless
connection to our network and connect to the Internet. We will set some network
benchmarks and understand some limitations. We will also look into Dynamic
DNS hosting.
Chapter 3, Configuring Extra Features, will illustrate how to update the software and
the firmware of the Raspberry Pi. We will learn about the watchdog and how to
buy extra decoder licenses.
Chapter 4, Using a Fast PHP Web Server and Database, will illustrate how to set up a fast
web server using nginx with PHP, and decide if we want to use MySQL or SQLite.
Chapter 5, Setting Up a File Server, will illustrate how to attach a USB storage medium
and how to format it. We will not only look into various ways of sending data to the
Raspberry Pi, but also how to share media on the network. As an extra task, we will
look into creating the hardware RAID!

E-Book Author:

Piotr J. KulaRaspberry.Pi.Server.Essentials.jpg

E-Book Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Raspberry Piā€¦..7
Hardware requirementsā€¦..7
Extra peripheralsā€¦..9
Essential peripheralsā€¦..9
Wireless USB network adaptersā€¦..9
USB hubsā€¦..9
Keyboards and miceā€¦..9
Useful peripheralsā€¦..10
Internet 3G donglesā€¦..10
Sound cardsā€¦..10
IR receiversā€¦..10
TV and radio receiversā€¦..10
Multicard readersā€¦..11
HDMI to VGAā€¦..11
Fun peripheralsā€¦..11
USB to SATAā€¦..12
CAN busā€¦..12
Home automationā€¦..12
USB missile launcherā€¦..12
Fingerprint scannersā€¦..12
Installing Raspbian on the Raspberry Piā€¦..13
Understanding the design of the Raspberry Piā€¦..14
Boot processā€¦..14
Other capabilitiesā€¦..15
Hardware limitationsā€¦..15
Network speedsā€¦..16
USB bottlenecksā€¦..16

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