Raspberry Pi System Software Reference [Apress] [2013] -E-book

E-Book description:

The Raspberry Pi, implemented as a System on a Chip (SoC), really does embody the
very idea of a “system”. There are several large hardware components that make up this complex whole, that we call a system. When we then examine the software side that drives this hardware, we see another body of components that make up the operating system software. As different as hardware is from software, they form a symbiotic relationship. The hardware provides for external interactions with the world while the software internalizes its inputs and determines the external actions that should result.

E-Book Author:

Warren W. Gay

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E-Book Table of Contents:

About the Author  xiii
About the Technical Reviewer  xv
Acknowledgments  xvii
Introduction   xix
Chapter 1: Preparation 1
Static IP Address  1
Using SSH  2
VNC  3
Display Number  3
Geometry  4
Depth 4
Pixel Format 4
Password Setup  4
Server Startup 4
VNC Viewers 4
Stopping VNC Server  5
Prototype Station  5
Adafruit Pi Cobbler  7
Gertboard  7
Bare Metal 8
Booting ARM Linux  9
Boot Sequence  10
Boot Files  10
config txt  11
Composite Video Settings  11
High-Definition Video  12
Overscan Video  20
Frame Buffer Settings  20
General Video Options  21
Licensed Codecs  22
Testing  22
Memory  23
Boot Options  24
Overclocking 27
Warranty and Overclocking  29
Voltage Settings  34
cmdline txt  36
Serial console= 37
Virtual console=  38
kgdboc=  39
root=  39
rootfstype=  39
elevator=  39
rootwait=  40
nfsroot=  40
ip=  42
Emergency Kernel  43
Run Levels  45
/etc/inittab  46
inittab Action initdefault  46
General Startup Sequence  48
inittab Action wait  50
inittab Action once  50
inittab Action respawn  51
Changing Run Levels  51
telinit 51
Change of Run Level  52
Single-User Mode  52
Halt and Reboot  53
Creating a New Service 53
Chapter 4: vcgencmd 55
vcgencmd Commands 55
Option measure_clock 57
Option measure_volts 58
Option measure_temp 58
Option codec_enabled 59
Option version  59
Option get_lcd_info  59
Option get_config  60
Chapter 5: Linux Console 61
Available Consoles  61
Serial Console 62
Terminology  63
Operating System  64
Host, Guest, Build, and Target 64
Platform Limitations  65
Without VirtualBox (Native)  65
Using VirtualBox (Ubuntu/Linux)  65
Planning Your Cross-Development Environment 66
Building the Cross-Compiler 67
Download crosstool-NG  67
Staging Directory  67
Unpack the Tarball  67
Create /opt/x-tools  68
Install Package Dependencies  68
Configure crosstools-NG  68
make crosstool-ng  69
make install  69
PATH  69
Cross-Compiler Configuration 70
Paths and Misc Options  70
Target Options  72
Operating System  73
Binary Utilities  73
C Compiler  74
Save Configuration  75
Build Cross-Compiler  75
Troubleshooting  77
Image Tools  79
Download Kernel  81
Edit Makefile 81
make mrproper 82
Kernel Config  83
make menuconfig  83
make  84
Prepare Kernel Image  84
Install Kernel Image  85
Boot Failure  86
Modules  86
Firmware  87
VirtualBox Mount of SD Card 88
Appendix A: Glossary 91
Appendix B: Power Standards 97
Appendix C: Raspbian apt Commands 99
List Available Packages 99
List Installed Packages 99
List Files for Package 100
Perform Package Search 100
Install a Package  101
Remove a Package  102

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Raspberry Pi System Software Reference [Apress] [2013] -E-book

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