Raspberry Pi Ultimate Cooling Dual Fan


Is your RaspberryPi overheating? Whether it’s in a hot environment or your RPi is crunching non-stop we have a solution – the Raspberry Pi Ultimate Cooling Dual Fan!

This heatsink is high-speed yet low noise and includes a heat sink. 3M thermal tape is included to help ensure efficient and swift cooling of the processor. We tested this heatsink on the Raspberry Pi ourselves, and it passed our test! It’s ideal for your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as it was designed to be compatible with the most popular cases. We know this will bring you a fantastic user experience!

Note: Please put the heat sink (with adhesive paper) to in the position shown above. Be sure to leave room for the GPIO, and keep the heat sink away from the capacitor.


  • Easy to install
  • Fast Heat dissipation
  • Silence Fan without noise
  • Smooth and straight aluminum material
  • 3M tape makes install easier
  • Ultimate cooling fan kit for Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+
  • Reduce up to 20 degrees

GPIO Connection:

Technical details

Dimensions56mm x25mm x15mm
WeightG.W 40.5g
Test Report
Test Environment Temperature26.8°C
Hardware EnvironmentRaspberry Pi 3 Model B
TF card8GB Class 10
Software EnvironmentRaspbian(OS)
Testing SoftwaresVcgencmd measure_temp ,sysbench
Testing Hardware’s Freq1200MHz
Testing Time10 minutes
Without Heatsink83.5°C
With heatsink77°C
Dual Fans with heatsink62°C

Part List

Ultimate Cooling Fan Kit1
3M tape1



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