Raspberry Pi User Guide for 2022 in latest MagPi magazine

The official Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new edition of its excellent MagPi magazine, providing Pi enthusiasts with a Raspberry Pi User Guide for 2022 in issue 113 which is now available to download and purchase both physically and digitally.

“Discover everything you need to know about Raspberry Pi for the year 2022 with our New User Guide. Our January issue is packed with information for newcomers about Raspberry Pi OS (bullseye) along with new information for seasoned hands with Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy). We have all your questions answered alongside in-depth guidance from the engineering team.

Say hello to 2022 with our fully refreshed New User Guide in the January edition of The MagPi magazine. Newcomers will learn to set up Raspberry Pi with the new ‘bullseye’ edition of Raspberry Pi OS. Meanwhile, long term Raspberry Pi users can discover what’s new in the operating system with our in-depth FAQs and detailed information about the new camera system and Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) from Raspberry Pi engineers.

Get to know members of Raspberry Pi’s community in each edition of The MagPi magazine. This month we chat with Stewart Watkiss (aka Penguin Tutor). Stewart has been creating projects with Raspberry Pi right from the beginning and has been involved with many Raspberry Pi events; he has also written books on Raspberry Pi and electronics.”

Source: Raspberry Pi User Guide for 2022 in latest MagPi magazine

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