Raspberry Pi Zero UPS-Lite battery pack

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking for a power supply for their next Raspberry Pi Zero project may be interested in the UPS-Lite battery pack specifically designed for the smaller Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC. Features of the UPS-Lite UPS power supply include :

– UPS-Lite is a UPS power supply specially designed for Raspberry Pi Zero.
– The board integrates serial functions (CP2104), fuel gauge chip (MAX17040G), and a piece1000mAh
– The use of thimble installation method, simple and generous.
– The actual test standby time is up to 6 hours (test condition: zero wTurn on the network and print out the power parameters every 2 seconds).
– The item is not assembled.
– Charging current: 400mA
– Output voltage: 5V ±0.1V
– Output current: 1.3A@5V (Without external adapter, only battery powered)
– 2A@5V (When inserting external adapter)
– Electricity measurement accuracy: error±2%
– Package include: 1 X UPS-Lite (include battery)

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Source: Raspberry Pi Zero UPS-Lite battery pack

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