Raspberry Pi’s Projects: Raspberry Pi Multi-Room Music Player

These days we have so many devices that can play music in our homes. Some are for personal use but, others for enjoying with others. When you have a big party or a function at your home, you want to play the same music everywhere in the house. One solution that you might have heard about is to use expensive multi-room players. There is another cheaper solution that makes use of devices that are already in your house and the tiny wonder Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that fits into a small board. Even though it is very tiny, every component necessary for a computer to function well can be found in a Raspberry Pi. In fact, the pi can even connect to a network to communicate with other devices and even control them. Or, you can control your Pi from your PC or smartphone over the internet.raspberry pis projects raspberry pi multi room music player


The requirements for this raspberry-pi projects vary according to what you have in your home. You may find a lot of the components listed below in your home. Even if you don't already have them, chances are you have something else that can be used in place of them. The main motive behind this raspberry-pi projects is to minimize cost so buy as few items as possible.

1. Raspberry Pi B+

2. Pi Case

3. Micro USB Power Supply

4. Wireless Audio Transmitter

5. Wireless Audio Receiver

6. Other miscellaneous items like cables and micro SD cards as needed.

Steps to set up a Pi Multi-Room Music Player

wireless music raspberry pis projects raspberry pi multi room music player
Multiroom player

Now, we have all the required items ready we can head to creating our own affordable multi-room music player using Raspberry Pi.

For more detail: Raspberry Pi's Projects: Raspberry Pi Multi-Room Music Player

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