Raspberry Pi/WeatherRack – NodeJS Weather Data Station


This project is a simple weather station that serves textual sensor data over http. It uses a WeatherRack for data on windspeed, direction, gusting, and rain. An AM2315 outdoor temperature/pressure sensor is used, instead of the HTU21D-F.


What we used

Joining all of this together is a Raspberry Pi, and a WeatherPiArduino card. Using Python scripting I can poll sensors from the WeatherPiArduino, WeatherRack, or even external sensors like the AM2315.

Simple, (and getting simpler as I continue to remove unneeded items), Python scripts generate the individual sensor values, and NodeJS is what glues it all together for specific address to sensor, http textual output. This is a data-source. It exists to server textual http data, not collect it, or display it in a graph or something like that, just text data.

You may notice that the left side upper portion of the pic has a RF transceiver. This was going to be my original transport methodology, but I had trouble keeping the transmitters communicating over time, and I don’t seem to have that trouble just using the WiFi. The RF transceiver will be removed in the spring, and the hole plugged.


This is one of several projects aimed at serving simple, home based, data points. that will then be collated into a larger data project with data delivered via a Restful Web Service and visualized thru D3.js.


Couple final pieces that I have to work on are the lightning sensor, and final scripting. I’ll get to it sometime late this spring/early summer, when we are more likely to have lightning to test it on… and some more Python scripting to clean up to it’s most minimal form, as time permits.

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