Remote control with Raspberry Pi and Phidget WebService

Enable your Raspberry to control relay, led, sensor and digital input remotely with Phidget WebService. “The Phidget WebService is a background process that broadcasts all events and data from a USB Phidget over the network: It uses link local addressing which allows you to use simple server names in your code. The link local addressing is provided by the programs Bonjour, avahi, or mDNSResponder, depending on your system, and the correct program is either installed already or with the Phidget libraries. You can listen to the Phidget data and control the Phidgets over the network using one or more computers.” More info

You need a Raspberry with Raspbian preinstalled, a Phidgets IO Board, I use a 1011_0 – PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2, a small usb Dongle with 2 Analog Inputs, 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs, two analog sensor, in this tutorial I use a 1133_0 – Sound Sensor and a 1142_0 – Light Sensor 1000 lux, two led connected to digital output, one toggle switch and a Miniature Magnetic Contact Switch connected to digital input.Remote control with Raspberry Pi and Phidget WebService

Step 1: Install Phidget Library

Update the packages with

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

Install libusb (Library for programming USB applications without the knowledge of Linux kernel internals).

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

download and install the Phidgets libraries.



tar zxvf libphidget.tar.gz

move in the decompressed folder, in this example

cd libphidget-

From the main unpacked libraries directory, run:


this takes a long time, you can go get a coffee

sudo make install

This will compile phidget21.h and place the library into your gcc pathRemote control with Raspberry Pi and Phidget WebService schematic

Step 2: Install the WebService

Download the webservice



tar zxvf phidgetwebservice.tar.gz

move in the decompressed folder in this example

cd phidgetwebservice-

From the unpacked WebService source code directory, run:

sudo make install

This will compile the executable phidgetwebservice21 and place it into /usr/bin/phidgetwebservice21Create a file to manage start and stop for the webservice

sudo nano /home/pi/phidgetwebservice

For more detail: Remote control with Raspberry Pi and Phidget WebService

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