Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition book now available for £10

If you are searching for the perfect gift for your young or old coder, you might be interested in the 2nd edition of the excellent Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi which is now available to purchase priced at just £10 and provides 164 pages on how to create your very own videogame projects and even build your very own arcade machine. The latest book has been updated for 2022 and builds upon the previous Code The Classics Book volume 1 which launched back in 20219 and is also available to purchase priced at £10. Check out the video below to learn more about the previous book and what you can expect from the latest edition now available.

Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition book

“Get ready to fall in love with classic games all over again with Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi (2nd edition) Building a games console and rediscovering old classics is an incredibly rewarding project, both for beginners and long-time Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Our 164-page book explains how to set up RetroPie and get classic games.”

  • Set up Raspberry Pi for retro gaming
  • Emulate classic computers and consoles
  • Learn to program retro-style games
  • Build a portable console, arcade cabinet, and pinball machine
  • And much, much more!

“Discover how to set up Raspberry Pi to play classic games in the brand new version of our retro gaming guide. In this 164-page book, you’ll learn how to build a portable games machine, assemble a full-sized arcade cabinet, and emulate classic computers and consoles. Our step-by-step guides make each build easy! Plus you’ll even learn to program your own versions of classic arcade games using Python and Pygame.”

Code the Classics

“This stunning 224-page hardback book not only tells the stories of some of the seminal video games of the 1970s and 1980s, but shows you how to create your own games inspired by them using Python and Pygame Zero, following examples programmed by Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton.

In the first of two volumes, we remake five classic video games – ranging from Pong to Sensible Soccer, each represents a different genre. We interview the games’ original creators and learn from their example, as well as utilise the art and audio engineering skills of two of the 1980s’ most prolific games developers for our recreated versions of the games.”

Source: Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition book now available for £10

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