RetroPie GameCube

The plan was easy – enclose Raspberry PI in the GameCube’s housing. I figured out the layout of internals beforehand on my own – so there was nothing on paper nor from the Internet. The entire project came to life as it was being built, but everything planned had to be organized anew. I need to add that I have no clue about electrics, electronics nor about soldering. I learned most of it during those few nights of assembling everything. Moreover, I didn’t intend to write this how-to so parts of construction, pictured on photographs, are likely updated, soldered or had some finishing touches. I do hope I can somehow show the building process.

RetroPie GameCube


  • – solid construction
  • – reuse of original power and reset buttons
  • – easy access to the inside
  • – active CPU cooler
  • – sturdy installation of connections with placement awareness

RetroPie GameCube

What will be needed

1. Gamecube (obviously); 2. Raspberry Pi3; 3. multimetr; 4. rubber tube 3mm; 5. heat shrink tubing; 6. soldering iron; 7. cable wires for PI; 8. cordless drill; glue gun; 10. metal drill bits 3mm and 1mm; 11. strong double-sided tape and insulating tape.

For more detail: RetroPie GameCube

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