Review: pi-top DIY laptop for your Raspberry Pi

The pi-top converts your Raspberry Pi into a complete RPi notebook. It comes as a nice kit that is very easy to assemble thanks to a great construction manual. We created a video of the assembly. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comment on Youtube or below this article!

Review pi-top DIY laptop for your Raspberry Pi

We felt we had to add this oversized case to the Elektor STORE stock, because we know that many of our members love the Raspberry Pi and we think that this enables you to take the Raspi to a new application field. It comes with a high quality case, a big battery, a keyboard, a touchpad, and a 13.3 inch HD display.

The pi-top allows you to use your Raspberry Pi wherever you want to. Take this laptop to school, use it on the train or on the bus, or even work with it in the office! The operating system is based on Raspbian, but with some extras that add support for the pi-top hardware.

RPi Notebook for  MAKERS:

Since many makers use a Raspberry Pi for experiments and interactive projects, the pi-top has a special slot for your own PCBs. You can use the GPIO pins and add your own ideas to your custom pi-top. For your own projects, Elektor adds a free prototyping board to the kit. The proto-board breaks out the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi. This makes the device special, not just being a laptop but a mobile Raspberry Pi case that fully supports your creativity.

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