IoT and mobile communications are targeted by the R&S NGL200 power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz. The architecture allows them to function both as a source and a sink, while short recovery times of 30 microseconds enable them to handle fast load changes that occur, for example, when a device switches from sleep mode to transmit mode.


The single-channel R&S NGL201 and the two-channel R&S NGL202 deliver up to 60W of output power per channel. The output channels are floating, galvanically isolated and protected against overload and short circuits. The power supplies can sink power in a controlled manner, enabling them to simulate the specific characteristics of a battery. The optimised user interface is intuitive, and temperature-controlled fans ensure extremely quiet operation, confirms Rohde & Schwarz.

The linear two-quadrant design of the output stages enables the R&S NGL200 power supplies to operate as a source and sink, with automatic switching from source mode to sink mode.

Linear regulation delivers stable output voltages and currents, making them suitable for powering sensitive modules and for developing power amplifiers and MMICs.

With up to 6 ½ digit resolution for voltage, current and power measurements, the R&S NGL200 series can characterize devices that have low power consumption in standby mode and high current in full load operation. The entire measuring range is covered without having to switch ranges, speeding up measurements. In many cases, an additional digital multimeter is not necessary, advises Rohde & Schwarz. This saves space and money and simplifies test setups.

In addition to channel outputs, the R&S NGL200 series provides connectors for sense lines. USBand LAN interfaces are installed as standard for remote control. The R&S NGL-K102 option adds WLAN support. Digital inputs and outputs are available with the R&S NGL-K103 option, and the R&S NGL-B105 hardware option provides a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface.

The R&S NGL200 power supply series is available now from Rohde & Schwarz and selected distributors for prices starting at $2,190.

Key Facts

  • Max. output power: 120 W
  • Voltage per channel: 0 V to 20 V
  • Max. current per channel: 6 A
  • Load recovery time: < 30 µs
  • Ripple and noise: < 500 µVRMS / < 1 mARMS


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