Runnerpi: a wifi-streaming POV camera

For my IRL game The Chase, I need multiple, body-mountable, wifi-connected, live-streaming cameras.


  • real time streaming
  • on demand – meaning I can switch it on remotely
  • decent picture (hd not required…yet)
  • mount to body or objects via gopro accessories
  • available via local wifi network
  • battery-operated
  • LATEST RASPI: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
    • live streaming will not work on a model older than this!Runnerpi a wifi-streaming POV camera

Parts List

Skill Set

  • General Raspi knowledge
  • General command line copy n paste talent
  • Patience

Step 1: Step 1: Setting up Raspberry Pi software

How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi to live-stream video over a local network

Instructables is fantastic, but not the best place for software installation instructions, so I've set up this github page to breakdown how to set up the software to make your raspi a runnerpi on the inside.

At the above link, you will be installing:

  • Raspbian (operating system)
  • wicd-curses (wifi signal management)
  • uv4l (Userspace Video4linux)
    • uv4l is the heart of allowing you to stream over wifi

Step 2: Step 2: Attach the raspi camera to the clear case

The case I use (see parts list) has a special section on the front to mount a raspi camera module and even comes with the two screws to do it.

ProTip: do not connect the camera to the raspi yet. The angles are weird and it's easier if the camera is already screwed into the case.Runnerpi a wifi-streaming POV camera schematich

Step 3: Step 3: Connect the raspi camera to the Raspberry Pi 2 model B

See what I did with that title? I reiterated the fact that you must use the latest (as of this writing) Raspberry Pi or the live streaming will not work.

Ground yourself!

  • touch metal
  • touch your sink
  • go outside and stick your finger in the ground

The worry is static electricity, which will kill your camera. Do not pet your cat while you install this!

The cable slots into the connector situated between the Ethernet and HDMI ports, with the silver connectors facing the HDMI port.




For more detail: Runnerpi: a wifi-streaming POV camera

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