See Through Buildings With a Drone


Hardware components:
× 1
Main Frame
with PDB
× 1
with compass, GPS and power supply
× 1
LiPo Battery 5000mAh
3-4 Cell
× 1
11026 02
Jumper wires (generic)
× 1
× 6
Counterclockwise Motor
× 3
Clockwise Motor
× 3
clockwise and counterclockwise
× 1
× 1
Raspberry pi zero
Raspberry Pi Zero
× 1
APM Telemetry
× 1
2.4 GHz 7-channel min. TX/RX
× 1
Heat Shrink
× 1
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Openbuilds allen wrench
OpenBuilds Allen Wrench
Screw Driver

See Through Buildings With a Drone


This drone can show where people/things are located within a building (or anywhere) by displaying an image with different colors based on density. It uses a Walabot, Raspberry Pi, and multiple other micro-controllers that send information to a ground-station. This is a very complex and time consuming project but I’m sure if you have some type of experience with building drones and python, then you should be able to complete it. If you have a questions, just leave them in the comments and I will try to answer them. Let’s begin!

Why would it be good to see through buildings with a drone? My reason was for firefighting and/or SAR, the drone (under legal privileges) will be able to fly above a burning building and show where people or pets are trapped.
How does it work? It works by using a Walabot, a 16-segment radar array that can “see” through solid objects. The code I’m using displays objects by their density. An animal shows up more red on the screen because of the higher water content in their body making them more dense.
Are you intruding in my privacy? I know with the way people look at drones nowadays, they believe that they are just for spying on people. I understand that there are people that are inappropriate and should be punished, but most people flying drones are doing everything legal and appropriately. This drone will be only used for good purposes so you don’t have to send me messages about how you think I’m breaking the law.
Frame Rate: The Raspberry Pi Zero isn’t powerful enough for the Walabot image processing, so the frame rate is really slow. Suggestion: If you have the room, which I didn’t, you should use a larger Raspberry Pi (like the Pi 3).
Incorrect Display: If there is something like a refrigerator, it will display it just like a person, this could be a problem in some cases. Luckily, if there is a person, they still will show up so it’s not too bad to work with.
Interference: The Walabot sometimes does pick up interference from the motors, luckily it’s very rare.
Battery Life: The drone is really heavy, so the battery life is really bad. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

See Through Buildings With a Drone

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