Star A: The Most Cost-Effective Multifunctional 3D Printer – An easy to install & operate 3D printer with touchscreen, laser engraving, and a multitude of features, starting from only $99.

Selpic Inc has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for a 3D printer called Star A. 3D printing has being around for a while now, gaining more popularity by the day, and getting more advanced by the day. Industries and individuals make use of 3D printing for their projects. However, technical know-how, the complexity of the operation, and the cost of 3D printers limit the use. However, Selpic Star A 3D Printer solves most of these problems.

Technical Details

The Star A is an ultra-compact and easy-to-use multifunctional 3D printer that enables open-source customization. With Star A, you can bring your ideas to life quickly and easily. With a 10.2″ x 9.4″ x 9.8″ form factor, the Star A only weighs 4.4 lbs, and it is built around a lightweight frame with a small footprint. Its small size enables you to place Star A in a small space, and you can move it around easily. Do not be fooled by its super-light body, the Star A is sturdy and durable, remaining completely stable when in operation. You do not have to be a technician to install the Star A. It is very easy to install. All you have to do is tighten the screws, connect 2 cables, and get ready to install the filament. Star A enables a 4-button operation. The 4 buttons enable you to reset, print (start, pause or cancel), feed filament, or release filament. The X-axis and Y-axis of Star A clocks an accuracy rate of 100 μm, and the Z-axis accuracy clocks at 50 μm. It offers a printing resolution of ±0.1 mm and the layer thickness is 0.1~0.2mm.

What makes Star A an efficient printer, is the direct extrusion technology it utilizes. The extrusion technology enables the printer to avoid filament stringing and oozing, making it achieve better extrusion and faster retraction. Another feature that makes the Star A effective is that its nozzle is made of brass. This makes the extrusion process smooth and stable because it has a smooth inner wall, excellent thermal conductivity, and constant temperature control. In a situation where there’s a power interruption or you run out of filament, Star A can resume printing.


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