Signet HC is a secure USB drive built with open-hardware and free open-source software. It is an encrypted flash drive, a two-factor authentication (2FA) device and a hardware password and personal information manager, making it a portable solution to a variety of data security problems.

Signet HC is physically secured, it requires a user taking physical action (press a button on the device) to enable sensitive commands to be executed, the button flashes blue when any sensitive command is sent to the device. Physical security blocks malicious software from executing commands on the device. Signet HC’s encrypted data is password protected and can be unlocked through its cross-platform client application (available on Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and Android). The client software is stored on the device in a read-only partition, enabling the user to use it without downloading software.

Signet HC’s Two-factor authentication requires a secure device present in order to log in to a website or complete a key transaction. Two-factor authentication also compensates for weak or compromised passwords. Signet HC implements the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 two-factor authentication protocols utilized by a number of popular websites. Once Signet HC has been paired with a compatible website, a users can complete their login or transaction by pressing the device button when its light flashes. Signet HC can also be configured to disable two-factor authentication features until the device is unlocked. This provides additional security for the device.

Signet HC can contain several types of storage volumes in its embedded 32 GB flash memory, with each suited to different purposes. They include :

  • Read-only volumes,
  • Read-only volumes, One-time-use volumes,
  • Physically-secured volumes, and
  • Unencrypted volumes.

Signet HC implements password management features. This is done by storing a password database in an encrypted format inside its microcontroller’s internal flash memory. Once the device is unlocked you can view the data directly in the client and copy to the clipboard. The client supports browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome that can fill in data such as login and password information on text forms. The client can also forward the data to the device’s USB keyboard interface to type data directly into another application.

Signet HC’s function is not limited to storing information about account passwords. It also has a flexible database structure that enables a user to create new data types and to add fields to individual entries for notes and associated data. This enables you to safely store any data you wish to keep off the cloud.

Signet HC can be configured to regularly back up your data when connected to your primary computer. It can be backed up to either your computer’s hard disk or a designated removable media device. The Signet client can then read the backups when you provide the master password, offering users immediate access to their data and the option to upload the data to a replacement device, if you misplace your former device.

Signet HC enables the creation of multiple profiles, each with its own unlock password. Each profile can be configured to display only some database entries or storage volumes stored on the device. This enables a user to create different profiles with different settings to prevent sensitive information from being seen by others.


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