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My projects can be categorized under different areas of IoT including automobile, cities, industrial, drones and robots.


In public spaces and residential areas, autonomous drones, driverless vehicles, air quality monitors, electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations will become pervasive in the near future. Also, internet of things can be enabled for grape crop monitoring at a winery or vineyard using a drone. Enterprises and consumers can benefit from solutions and systems that easily, autonomously and securely interact with shared ledgers, blockchains and smart contracts, other Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, machine learning, cognitive artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics for monitoring, auditing and commerce in a sharing economy business.

Cognitive Connected Model Vehicle

The cognitive connected model vehicle consists of different components. The components include Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3, batteries, AT&T IoT Starter Kit that is made up of the mBed development board and Avnet Cellular Shield as well as a powerbank.


The Arduino controls the servo motor while the Raspberry Pi 3 sends the control commands to the Arduino through the GPIO pins. Different programs written in different languages (C, CSharp, NodeJS/Javascript, and Python) runs on the Pi.

The mBed development board host the binaries and programs for collecting sensor data from the onboard sensors and peripheral sensors before pushing data to the Pubnub service through the cellular shield. There are onboard accelerometer and magnetometer sensors on the development board. Also, there are temperature and humidity sensors on the cellular shield.

Sensor data is collected by the mBed board offloaded to the nearest base station or cell tower and AT&T Cellular Network through the antenna on the shield just like a smartphone or tablet. The data hitting the pubnub service is then forwarded to AT&T Flow and AT&T M2X time series available as services on the AT&T Cloud Environment.

AT&T Flow Retrieving Sensor Data via Pubnub


Stream Values for Starter Kit for Cognitive Connected Model Vehicle in M2X


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